meta - February 6, 2023

Teaching kids

"Your coffee is terrible," said Vera, "but there is nothing we can do. You are just hopeless."

She was slowly sipping from her cup.

"You know, Vera. I am going to start weekly mathematical meetings for kids. I am going to teach them math."

Vera went silent for a few seconds. Then she said: "So not only your kids?"

"No, my friends’ kids too."

"Don’t be foolish! Nobody will trust you with their own kids. You are too incompetent. You are a foolish geek, not a teacher."

"And your grandchildren are welcome too."

"My grandchildren!? Not in a million years. You teaching? A guy who cannot tell onion from garlic?"

"I can, Vera."


"I can tell onion from garlic."

"No, you can’t. And I saw you teach. Drawing rectangles and circles! That’s ridiculous!"

"They are children, Vera. What am I supposed to be explaining to them?"

"Well, you should first teach yourself the difference between onion and garlic. Besides, I saw you were comparing kids to rectangles and triangles! I couldn’t believe my eyes, young boy!"

Anyway, after rather sporadic math activities with my first- and second-born, I decided to have Math Circle meetings for a group of kids every Wednesday. And I was eagerly awaiting the first Wednesday. But it also made me a little nervous.

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