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What is Boogie Math? It is a collection of stories about a silly guy who likes mathematics. And how his family, friends, and neighbors see his ridiculous mathematical endeavors.

And what is Meta Boogie Math? Well, metamathematics is the study of mathematical methods using mathematical methods. Meta Boogie Math is nowhere as serious, though. One could say it features stories about stories. So, in this section you will find a bit of background to the texts that are to be found in the categories below: Math Circle, Math History Circle, Notes, and Fachidiots.


Math Circle

Well, this poor guy not only wanted to learn math; he wanted to teach math too. In fact, he wanted to teach it to kids. Good Lord, please save the kids!

He tried. The meetings were named Math Circle and lasted a bit less than two years. Then the virus came, prevented all kind of gatherings and saved the kids. In this section, you will find writings about the struggles the poor guy experienced while trying to teach.


Poor guy wants to learn some advanced math

How advanced is your math? Before Christ? After Christ? 17th century? 19th century? This poor guy would love to learn some 20th-century abstract algebra and 21st-century cryptography. Wish him luck. He will need it.

In this section, you will find highly boring notes that the poor guy is making while studying.


Math History Circle

Not only kids, but this guy also wanted to teach math his neighbors! Luckily, seniors are smart enough to have fun during his useless lectures!

Yeah, here you will find reports of his meetings with seniors.



Does this guy have friends? You wouldn’t believe it, but he does. Except that they are poor fachidiots like himself. A physicist. A mechanical engineer. An electrical engineer. A software developer. No sane person could stand such a company!

They are trying to humanize themselves though. In their weekly meetings, they try to talk about art and culture. Again, no sane person would probably be interested in reading about their discussions. Nevertheless, in this section you will find exactly this.

And if you are wondering what a 'fachidiot' is – in German it means something like 'narrow-minded specialist'. And that’s what we are. At least the first part.


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Some characters on this website might be partially or entirely fictional. You have been warned, my friend!

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